Meet Victoria

Mar 20, 2019

The Basics

Hey there! I know this may be a given but… I'm Victoria!

I hope you'll kick back and stay a while to enjoy my lifestyle + fashion + interiors + family blog.

Tennessee is and always has been home for me! I didn't even have to leave my big small hometown to meet my (now) husband!

I spend most of my time juggling every day life as a mother UNDER Thirty of 3 (my husband AND our 80 lb. dog should count too, right?!)

Our Everyday Life

Our littles, Ryder, Jack Bailey and Vivian are SO much fun- it's true, they are all SO different. So, our day's are far from boring.

When I'm not momming-so-hard, you can find me at the local TJ Maxx candle aisle or at the gym attempting to get in a good stress relieving sweat sesh!

Oh, and I'm a die hard beach lover. Growing up, we went to the beach for about 98% of my school breaks or any chance my parents could get the heck out of dodge & head down south to my grandparents' beach house. Because they had property there, we rarely ever saw any other parts of the country or even the world! Almost 30 years later, I'm carrying on that tradition with my children! My Dad has a place on 30a so at this point in my life, the beach LITERALLY is home away from home. The beach, the lake, a river, just put me on a boat with my husband and I'm happy as a clam!

Pump the Breaks & Rewind Ten Years

Disclaimer: Reader Discretion is Advised.
Reading this Content may give you substantial insight of who
“The REAL Victoria Proper” is.

After graduating high school early….no no no I'm no genius. I just wanted to grow up way to fast and go to college with my girlfriends. So fast forward to my FIRST WEEK OF COLLEGE. Do you want to know how to grow up quick? Nine months later I brought home a baby boy. While I studied Interior Design at Middle Tennessee State University we lived with my parents. (No shame, y'all! Huge blessing!)

And for a perspective: It was literally the year TEEN MOM aired. I. can't. even.

I'm telling you, reflecting on this part of my life is soooooo liberating. At the time, I was just chugging right a long trying so hard to create a healthy life for my not even adult self & my son. Yes, it was hard at times. Yes, I was INCREDIBLY blessed to have the loving and supportive family. However, I was also very young. And even though being a young mother definitely
presented its challenges, let me tell you what it did: It played a HUGE factor into molding me into the woman I am today.

I'm sharing this part of my life with you, this very very personal part of my life with you to shed some light into my little world.

Today, you're seeing my Instagram feed and my Blog posts on our adventures. On the other hand, I want you to know my past too!
Life isn't all butterflies and unicorns and rainbows, y'all.And you don't know ME unless I tell you, right?

Any who! I don't give up. When I was a teenager, there were numerous occasions my parents' told me I need to be an attorney because I was so good at figuring out a way to get my way, prove my point or “win” an argument with one of my THREE brothers. (AWKWARD BIG TEETH EMOJI).

Fast Forward Six Years

Yes, it took me six. grueling. years. to graduate from college. I married the man of my dreams. I landed an incredible job designing new construction homes for a local residential builder. It was such an incredible learning experience, y'all. I met incredibly talented people in that industry & it'll always be a part of me. Then, we had another baby boy, Jack Bailey!

Guess what happened when he was five months old?

You guessed it!


Welcome to the world, Vivian!!!!!!!

Do you need a recap? Have I lost you?

To clarify: College. Baby #1. Graduate. Wedding. Career. (Oh, my parent's divorced after almost 30 years of marriage). Baby #2. Boom Baby #3.
I mean, a lot happened really quickly, okay. Looking back, we all should have seen a crash coming. But at the time, I was *again* just chugging on along. Doing what Victoria does best, just “La ti da everything will be okay! JESUS HAS GOT MY BACK!”

Above: Ryder, Jack Bailey and Newborn Vivian.
Melt my heart. And til this day, they still look at her like this.
Wrapped around her pretty little finger.

This Past Year

So, A few months into my postpartum leave (sad face AND happy face!) I realized just how much I craved creativity in my life. Also, I realized how important creating, adapting, modifying, communicating, and collaborating was to me. I missed it. A lot.

It was a new level of exhaustion that left me with nothing but a moderate case of postpartum depression. Jesus has my back, I KNOW but when hormones are raging, and a mom of three is surviving off PIECES of 2.5 hours of sleep, I'm sorry… But I don't know how much Jesus can really take the wheel at that point!?

Hormones don't play!

And quite frankly, no matter how dark those long days were, that's ultimately what led me to some deep soul searching. Soul searching with a husband, 8 year old, almost 2 year old toddler AND a newborn infant? Okay, Jesus definitely took the wheel at this point.


That was March 2018. Now, it's March 2019. Sometimes I still have a hard time believing a year has passed! A full year of soul searching, self care, loving big AND allowing my hormones to CALM *the you know what* down does a woman good!

Hello Blogging World!

So, How did I end up blogging?

I can't even remember where my passion for DESIGN truly began- I guess you could say I was raised in it (More on that later!)

So here I am!

After prayer after prayer after prayer, I felt a calling to rebirth, if you will, my life long love and passion for design… IN BLOG FORM with lifestyle + interiors + fashion & probably some raw real life happenings along the way!

What else is important to me?

Authenticity is SO important to me. And can I be honest?
Beginning a blogging journey has me somewhat petrified of remaining authentic with myself.PS: If you're a blogger, I would LOVE love love some pointers on how you prioritize that!

My Dream

My hope is that my experiences + love for all exceptionally beautiful designs will make your life richer! If you or someone you know has a similar story, did you know you're not alone? Please leave a comment!
I'd love to connect with you & embrace this ride together.



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