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Apr 3, 2019

Taking the guesswork out of what's the “good stuff”, today I'm giving you a run down of my what lies behind my bathroom cabinet doors and drawers. My EVERYDAY hair, skin, nails products + beyond!

I'm NO Laura Mercier, Okay?

First things first: I am nearly 30 y'all. I have lived through the lip smackers chap stick, and liquid glitter eyeshadow. Oh! I've also been given (unwillingly LOL!) freebies by department store counters. There were times when I stayed over at girlfriends' houses & borrowed their products. Heck, I was even a Beautycounter sales rep! Can I tell you one thing I am not? I am NO beauty professional. Trust me… I'm much more talented at selecting a brick color in a room chocked full of 2'x2′ display plywood boards! But I HAVE experienced a lot of products through the years and I'm more than happy to share my personal favorites with y'all!

Hair Products Bumble and Bumble

Today, I'm sharing with you some of my go-to hair, skin, and nail favorites!

Did you notice how I said MY?

I'm so flattered when my followers ask: “What color nail polish is that!?” or “What hairspray do you use?” or “Where do you go for a spray tan?” Again, I'm no expert, but I'm always happy to share! Because, like you, I have always asked my girl friends questions like that and heck even strangers! It totally CRACKS my husband up when I do that in public! LOL!

Again, I'm eager to share what products I love, but there is one thing I HAVE to disclose. And this is it…. Girl, our hair, skin, and nails will probably respond different than the girl sitting next to us. What I mean is, we are all created uniquely! Just because something works for you, doesn't mean it will work for me. I think it's important to remember that!

Makeup Remover & Dry Skin Ointment

Free Tips From Sensitive Skin Sally Herself!

TIP: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ask for a sample when you can. Testing out a sample for a few days has saved hundreds of $$$! And then, I can actually find a product that DOES work for me. Samples are the bomb!

Then & Now

PS: In my early teen years, I had horrific acne that was ultimately treated by Accutane (after one to two years of trying I don't even remember how many dozens of topical creams, microdermabrasions and chemical peels). Needless to say, Sensitive Skin Sally over here….. holds on tight to good products that get the job done!

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Click Here to see what I've relied on through the years. From keeping my skin hydrated to DIYing my best home pedicure. If you love it OR hate it?Girl, fill me in! Tag #thevictoriaproper on IG for a chance to be featured in my stories.

Less is More

Yves Saint Laurent Eye Shadow Palette

I have posted mostly bath and body products along with hair tools. But I want to finish off with this BEAUTY! At first glance, this Palette is somewhat of a splurge. But don't let that totally scare you off! I purchase this 5 color eye shadow palette ONCE A YEAR and I am SET on my neutral colors for all 365. I am not kidding when I say, I get compliments on these colors multiple times a week. It has a base, highlight and three colors to fill in with in between! I think you'll love it.




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